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a family history of comfort

Havens Heating and Cooling is owned and operated by Zack Havens, who has over 10 years of experience in the HVAC business.

Zack is the continuation of a family tradition of HVAC. This tradition spans four generations and several successful HVAC businesses in the United States. The first family HVAC business was started by his grandfather in Arkansas in 1971 and is now run by Zack’s uncle, Preston Havens. Zack’s father started Havens Heating and Cooling in Crestwood Kentucky in 1996. Zack worked in this business and worked at other HVAC businesses in the Louisville Kentucky area, then moved to the Many area in 2010 and has worked in HVAC ever since.

He has worked in all aspects of the HVAC field from duct work, equipment installation, service, and commercial. Our team is dedicated to the work we do and we take pride in making sure your home is a comfortable place to live. 

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